Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program: Getting started

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What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Amazon, the largest retailer, and e-commerce giant in the world offers an affiliate marketing program.

People who want to earn some passive income can register for the Amazon affiliate program and share links to products they want to advertise on their blogs, websites, or any other social media profiles which can generate clicks and sales.

When people click on your affiliate links and make purchases, amazon pays you a percentage of the product’s price as commission for the sale of the product.

The commission depends on the category of products you advertised. Amazon offers fixed commissions for product categories.

Learn more about affiliate marketing here.

How to Register For Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

To register you first need to have an amazon account, I assume you have one, and if you don’t create a new account.

After logging into your amazon account, Scroll down to the footer section where you will find the link for becoming an affiliate. Become an Affiliate.


After clicking on the Become an affiliate link, you will be redirected to the registration page, click on the SIGNUP button for starting the registration process.

The registration process consists of four steps.

The First Step Consist of Providing Basic Account Information.

Amazon-affiliate Sign-up-information
  • The first input field is for the address of the applicant. Provide correct information where your billing or shipping mails will be posted.
  • The second checkbox asks about the main contact for this account you are creating. if you are creating it for yourself select the first option otherwise go with the second.
  • The third field is to confirm if you are a U.S. resident or not. Amazon asks this for tax purposes. So if you are a U.S. resident select YES and if you are from any other country select No.

After filling all three fields and cross-checking them click NEXT.

The Second Step Consist of Listing Websites and Mobile apps.

amazon affiliate program

If you are a blogger or own a website where you will promote affiliate links, Provide the URL of your website and click Add.

Own mobile app, provide URL and click add.

After providing the information about websites and mobile apps click next.

The Third step Consist of Profile setup.

This step consists of a profile setup, Amazon affiliate gathers information about your websites, what items you want to advertise on your websites, and how you drive traffic to your blogs or apps. Info about your daily visitors, etc.

Let’s understand them one by one.

The first input field is about Associate Store ID.


It’s like choosing a username for your Amazon affiliate account. All your affiliate links will include this ID, by which the sales and clicks will be tracked.

The second input field shows the websites or apps you provided on the previous page.

The next input field is to describe what are your websites or mobile apps about. Write the purpose your website or app serves to its visitors.

The next input field asks about the topics best describes your websites or mobile apps.


This drop-down menu consists of a list of fields to select from like photography, internet, Real-estate, marketing, etc. You can choose from any of the provided options based on which field your websites fall.

In the next field, you have to choose what category of products you will be advertising on your website.

Select the product you will advertise.

amazon affiliate program

Select what you want to advertise and check the box in front of the category.

In the next field, you need to mention what type of your website or apps are.

Select what type of your websites are.

website or mobile apps type

Select what type your websites are, is it content-sharing websites, social media websites, deals or coupon-sharing websites, a non-profitable organization’s website, or a blogging website.

At last, you need to provide information about the Traffic & Monetization of your website.

Traffic and monetization.

amazon affiliate program

Here, as you can see I have filled the checkboxes and input fields to show the basic settings you should choose.

The first field asks about how you drive traffic or visitors to your website. Is it through SEO or social networks or blogging? Select as per your understanding.

The next field asks about how you generate income through your websites or apps. Do you use Google Adsense or any other affiliate program?

The remaining fields are basic so you can fill them on your own.

When you are done filling all the fields, enter the captcha in the box, agree to the terms and conditions(of course), and click on the Finish button.

You will be redirected to the Amazon Associates Central where you can build Amazon affiliate links and share them on your blog and websites.

Amazon affiliate marketing program gives associates 6 months of deadlines to make at least 3 sales from their affiliate link to be eligible for an amazon affiliate payout.

Once you make more than three sales from your affiliate links, your application will be reviewed by the amazon affiliate team you will be asked to provide payment information of your affiliate income.

Provide correct payment information and Once you reach the threshold, your affiliate income will be credited to your provided payment address.

Household items sales generate maximum commission from amazon.



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