Amazon Associates Central: How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale

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Setting up the Amazon associates central account is easy but what people don’t tell is how to generate your First Affiliate Sale.

Generating that First Affiliate Sale brings a kind of satisfaction only the person who has been there can experience and describe.

And it also makes your affiliate account active, mind you that if you don’t generate at least 3 qualified sales from your amazon affiliate account you will not be eligible to use amazon associates central, and you will have to register again and start over the process.

How to Generate First Affiliate Sale?

There are many things you need to keep in mind regarding your First Affiliate Sale.

The product you wish to sell, the platform you are advertising them on, the engagement you have on your platform, and most importantly what the people purchase all factor play a part in your success as an affiliate marketer.

The Process to speed up your journey to the first affiliate sale

Let’s Divide the process into small parts for your better understanding.

1. Choosing a Niche

You got to pick one domain of products you want to sell and your whole content marketing should revolve around that niche to generate authority.

Do some research and find what people are buying frequently and what are the best-selling products in the domain you are interested in.

Also, keep in mind the commission rate of your niche, The goal is to make money, Right?

10 products in low commission 1 in high. Quality Over Quantity.

Make a list of the products and identify competitors.

and the first step covered on the road to our first affiliate sale.

2. The platform You Publish links on

After choosing your niche, we have products to sell and we need a platform to publish the links so that people can click on them and buy those products.

You can publish links on any platform be it a Blog, Website, Social media, or Telegram channels anywhere you feel you can make a sale is good to go.

What generates Impressions on the links is Engagement.

Publishing Affiliate link on Blog

Do you have enough engagement on your blog or make a sale?

If the answer is yes, congratulations you are closer.

If no, then work on the engagement or use advertising. We will get back on the advertising part in some time.

If you have a blog and have a good user base of the same, use products of the same niche of your blog so that the user can resonate with the content and the product you advertise and help you pitch an affiliate sale.

You can also write a product review and add the affiliate links at the end of the blog post.

Write a thorough review of the product and mention all the does and don’t so that the audience can trust your words and make a purchase.

Making a Sales Funnel

These are the most effective web pages which have a description of the product and a call to action button.

you can then advertise the funnel on different social media platforms to get engagement and drive users to the funnel.

The sales funnel has a high chance of making an affiliate sale because the call to action intent pushes the user to make a decision.

making a sales funnel can fasten ur road to the first affiliate sale.

Publishing Links on Social Media

Social media can be a huge market in terms of making affiliate sales through target advertising.

Facebook advertising can push your product to the right audience who are exactly searching for the product you are selling.

Let’s be honest, Facebook has Instagram and WhatsApp user data, what you chat about what you share on these social media platforms and they know exactly what you search for online.

Make use of it through Facebook advertisement and Run ad campaigns for your affiliate products.

You can also advertise your sales funnel over here.

Broad market great opportunity.

3. Make sure you sell what people want to buy

Research what people are buying frequently In your niche.

How to find bestsellers on amazon?

To find bestselling products on amazon you can visit the amazon website and from the sidebar select the first link of Bestsellers.

From here you can select the cater]gory of your desired product and you will get the best selling products in that category.

You can also view the product descriptions to view the selling rank of the product and much more.

first affiliate sale


So in the end, making your first affiliate sale is not that hard if you choose the right product and serve it to the people who actually want to buy that.

Finding the people with the Intent to buy is all it needs.

Wish you luck.

Newbie blogger trying to put maximum information out there to help folks get better at what they do. not a newbie in the stock market mind you ;).  Reach out to me at the below links.

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