Sezzle: The Best Buy Now Pay Later Program in 2021

sezzle buy now pay later

Sezzle is a leading US-based digital payment platform, which offers buy now pay later payment options for various merchant websites to make it easier for buyers to make their payments in four easy installments without any fees if you pay it on time.

When you make any purchase at Sezzle partnered merchant websites, select the Sezzle payment option at the checkout, you will be redirected to the Sezzle payment confirmation page.

Fill in the details and your order amount will be divided into four equal parts, Sezzle will let you pay the first payment i.e 25% of your order amount and the rest amount will be divided into three installments over the period of 6 weeks.

How Does Sezzle Works?

Sezzle is a digital payment solution for the new age online shopping experience for customers worldwide to make the buying process easier.

As more and more people age getting on the internet, the online store sales are rocketing, and also the new age payment options.

Which enables customers to pay a fraction of their payment amount at the time of purchase and pay the remaining amount in installment without any interest or fees referred as buy now pay later payment options.

When a customer chooses Sezzle as a payment option at the checkout, Sezzle reviews the order amount and the customer details and provides the payment process within seconds.

Sezzle gives you all the information about your installments of the purchasing amount and what you need to pay at the checkout to place the order.

Sezzle pays the merchant its full amount but you only pay a fraction of the purchasing amount and pay your next installments in the span of six weeks.

How to Make Payments with Sezzle at Merchant Websites?

To use Sezzle’s buy now pay later service you need to first sign up for Sezzle.

After creating your account with Sezzle, login into your Sezzle shopper’s account.

You will be redirected to the home page where all the registered merchant websites will appear from which you can choose to proceed with your shopping. customer min

You can also search for stores on the basis of categories for your preference. customer 1 min

Search or select any store for what you want to shop and proceed on the merchant website.

When you proceed to checkout at any merchant website partnered with Sezzle, you will be provided the buy now pay later option of Sezzle under the payment options. checkout min

When you select Sezzle as your payment option, you will be redirected to the Sezzle payments page and after three steps you will be able to place your order.

The first step is to login into your Sezzle account, You will be provided the payment installment details on the same page as well.

sezzle checkout

As you can see my total purchase amount of 2399rs is divided into 4 installments of 599rs each.

After logging in, you will be asked to provide a payment option to pay your installments, Debit, or Credit card you can choose.

Provide your card details to proceed to the final step to place an order through Sezzle.

sezzle checkout1

After providing card details press submit.

The final step consists of paying the first installment of your order upfront as a downpayment.

sezzle check

Once you are approved for payment, there is a 2.5-minute window to complete your payment for the order.

If you have any coupon code, provide it in the coupon field else proceed with your payment.

The due dates of your next three installments will also be provided at the checkout so you know when it’s due and plans your finances accordingly.

Sezzle does not charge any interest on the installments unless you miss any payments on the due date.

How Does Sezzle Make Money?

As most of the credit companies generate their revenue from the late payment fees or penalties it’s the same with Sezzle as well. When people skip their payments on due dates Sezzle imposes late fees on them.

Sezzle also Imposes Account reactivation and Payment rescheduling fees from the customers who missed their payments and their account gets blocked.

In India, the late fees for missing payments are around 40rs per day at Sezzle.

Apart from late fees Sezzle also earns from merchant fees. Whenever an order is placed on a merchant website through Sezzle, it charges merchants a transaction fee of 6% and $.30 per transaction.

Can Sezzle be Used at Walmart?

Sezzle is currently not available to make payments at Walmart. There is a couple of pay later services that are approver at Walmart for payment but Sezzle is currently not available.

Is Sezzle Virtual Card Available Worldwide?

Currently, Sezzle’s virtual card is only offered in the United States.

Why Use Sezzle Insted Of Credit Card?

Sezzle provides a short term pay later option for any of your purchase made online through it.

The transactions through Sezzle BNPL payment option provide consumers a short term credit which is interest free if emi are paid on time.

You can pay emi through any mode of payment be it Credit card, Debit Card Or Bank account as per your convinient.

Sezzle provides a intreset free emi for six weeks where amount is divided into four equal parts whereas a credit card payment cycle runs on a monthly basis and it can be paid in full or which laters turns into emis.

Sezzle is more convinient for short term pay later payment options.

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