What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

When you promote a company’s product, and people buy it through your affiliate link, you earn commissions for the sale of that product, this is affiliate marketing.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

When you register yourself as an affiliate for a company, you will have to choose what categories of products you are going to promote.

When you promote any product of your choice through your affiliate link, the merchant will include your unique affiliate ID in the products link to track the sales and impressions from your link.

If a person clicks on your affiliate product link, your affiliate ID gets stored as cookies on his device.

Although the cookies stored in the device have an expiry. But if the person clicks on your link and doesn’t buy the product right away, but buys it before the expiry of the cookie, you will get your commission.

You need not worry about the storage, shipment, and payment of the product. You just need to register yourself as an affiliate for a company. Select the products you want to promote, generate sales and earn a commission.

Why You Should Be in Affiliate Marketing?

Corona pandemic taught us many lessons about our lifestyle and finances, but the most important lesson I have learned is having passive income sources other than your 9-5 jobs.

Everything was closed, banks, Offices, Schools you name it. But internet people were making double money because everyone was at home, nothing to do besides surf the internet or play games and watch tv.

The people who were in the Affiliate marketing game before the pandemic made good money through the lockdown period, sales of courses, or any other sales they made through the period.

Website or blog owners made more money because of the rise in visitors in the lockdown period.

So having a passive income source is a must if you want to never run out of cash in such difficult times or at least have an income source if your day job stops paying.

So, affiliate marketing can be a good starting to have a cash flow other than your regular job.

It requires no investment, and that’s the best part.

How To Choose Affiliate Program?

Identify what Niche you are working in or have a website currently. Identify what your audience is more interested in.

This can help in choosing which Affiliate marketing program will be best for you.

If you run a lifestyle blog. Advertising styling products or fashion products will be good for you.

In that case, you can sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon affiliates
Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon provides great commissions on lifestyle products which goes up to 9% per sale. If you can generate a good amount of sales from it, the paycheck will be great too.

If you want to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Click Here.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money?

Affiliate marketing needs zero investment in terms of starting, you will need basic things like an internet connection and PC or laptop for working.

You can register for any affiliate marketing program, whichever you think suits you and you can generate sales in.

The earnings will depend on the number of sales you generate from your affiliate links.

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